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Brett Rosen, Principal of Rosen Advisory, will be presenting “Intentional Perpetuation” at NABIP’s National Conference being held June 24-28th in New Orleans as part of NABIP’s ongoing commitment to providing M&A education to NABIP members.

Brett will be leading two M&A focused sessions at the conference.

The first session is entitled “Intentional Perpetuation” and will help owners design their next chapter and ensure they get all the value they seek in a merger or sale.

Being intentional is the key to success in most business endeavors, and none more so than planning to perpetuate or sell your agency. In this session, Brett will cover three steps owners must embrace to achieve their optimal M&A/perpetuation outcome. First, Brett will review what he calls “5 Star Planning” as it relates to the perpetuation or sale of your business. Next, Brett will then outline all possible M&A options and help you better understand your “Owner Persona” so you can think about what is best for you. Thereafter, Brett will close the session with a discussion about maximizing your opportunity by avoiding common pitfalls that trip up many owners.

The second M&A session is a panel discussion with several accomplished buyers and sellers of agencies that will provide attendees with real life examples of how to succeed with M&A.

Brett will lead this discussion with Mark Gaunya, Partner, Borislow; Dan Mangus VP of Growth and Development, Senior Marketing Specialists; and Robert Tierney, Principal, OneDigital

This accomplished panel will provide agency owners with a 360-degree view of the M&A market, whether it is buying agencies, selling your agency, merging and other perpetuation options. All these topics, and more, will be discussed by these professionals who have been part of deals for decades.