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An agency owner recently shared with me that they were told by a large M&A firm that they could get his agency a higher purchase price than smaller advisory firms because they are “one of the largest in the industry” and “have clout with buyers.” 

 Quite simply, if a buyer increases purchase price to keep the “big advisory firm” happy, that means the Advisor is giving them something in return somewhere down the line. Not good. 

 The overwhelming majority of buyers do business ethically, and will not pay more because of who you use as your advisor.  Buyers will pay more for your firm when your Advisor:

  • Makes sure your firm is optimally positioned with a sound financial model, 
  • Helps you articulate a sound plan for the stability of the business and growth, 
  • Ensures buyers fully understand your team’s potential to add value to their business.  

 Of course, these skills can be found at advisory firms of all sizes.